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Paid Life Coaching Tools & Resources
A range of completely unique, custom-built digital life coaching tools and resources to help you tackle a number of key areas in your life.

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Life Coaching Videos

A range of spiritual, life coaching and sex coaching videos and video series from our Paid Courses and Video Downloads Store.

Our videos are available to view free, in online courses, to purchase once-off, as well as in collections and on DVD.

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From our blog
  • How to protect yourself for lightworkers & light warriors +

    Tips and techniques that lightworkers and light warriors can use to protect themselves on the energetic level. Read More
  • Why Caitlyn Jenner deserves to be Woman of the Decade +

    People are making a massive fuss about Caitlyn Jenner and the award for Woman of the Year in social media and online. Here are the reasons I think she deserves Read More
  • There's more than enough money for ALL of us. Here's how we make it happen quickly. +

    What’s happened to all the money in the world and how do we fix the current global economic crisis we’re in quickly, so that we get the economy moving again? Read More
  • How manifesting money & things makes you depressed +

    How does manifesting money and things make you depressed over the long term? Around the world, people are depressed. Current international suicide rates stand at 16 people per 100,000 population, Read More
  • Ego is the Sacrificial Lamb of Unity +

    So let’s start with the ego basics in a nutshell: Ego is the mechanism of creation and it allows us to break one large soul into smaller individuated pieces that Read More
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