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Life Coaching Videos

A range of spiritual, life coaching and sex coaching videos and video series from our Paid Courses and Video Downloads Store.

Our videos are available to view free, in online courses, to purchase once-off, as well as in collections and on DVD.

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Paid Life Coaching Tools & Resources
A range of completely unique, custom-built digital life coaching tools and resources to help you tackle a number of key areas in your life.

Selected tools and pages in each of our paid for courses are available to the public.
Feel free to browse each course's public pages and try the tools.
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The Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

The Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox is a complete diagnostic and healing tool to rapidly grow
your consciousness and help you achieve aha moments of insight - guaranteed.

  • NEW!! Interactive
    Mirrors Coaching Tool

    A complete interactive life coaching diagnostic & healing tool you can use alone to create guaranteed aha moments of insight, with the complete mirrors question set. Read More
  • NEW!! Free Mirrors Intuitive Tool

    This tool contains the complete Mirrors Coaching Question Set, but only one question per mirror is randomly (or intuitively?) displayed per refresh of your screen. Read More
  • The Human Consciousness Scale

    The Human Consciousness Scale is the work of Sir David Hawkins in Power vs Force, an authoritative work on kinesiology and human consciousness, growth and development. Read More
  • All Mirrors

    View all the currently available Mirrors of Relationship Coaching options, including free and paid resources, digital tools and question sets available for you to use immediately. Read More
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Strip Like a Goddess

Free Diagnostics & Tools for Life Coaches & Clients

Use these tools are part of your daily practice or with your clients. Some tools are right on top of the page, some are at the bottom.
So if you get to the page and can't see the tool, then scroll all the way down.

  • Depression
    & Suicide

    A coaching tool designed for you to use with your family or friends to help you mitigate feelings of separation so that you feel welcomed on Earth. Read More
  • Free BDSM Contract Generator

    Generate a customized BDSM Contract for Master/slave, Mistress/slave and Dominant/submissive relationships. Read More
  • BodyTalk
    Cortices Tapping

    This BodyTalk tapping technique will improve brain efficiency and overall health when used once a day, and it's an amazing all-in-one tool for stress. Read More
  • All Free Tools
    & Resources

    Life Coaches Toolbox offers a wide range of over 30 free resources and innovative online digital life coaching tools for you to use for your development. Read More
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Coaching Sessions with Chemory Gunko

All of our coaching, energy healing and intuitive reading services are available in person in Johannesburg,
or by distance healing for remote work and Skype or similar for coaching and breakthrough sessions.
Wherever you are on the globe, we'll find a way to accommodate your healing and get you the help you need.

  • One-on-One Coaching

    Find real mental, emotional and spiritual relief for the life challenges you are facing and step forward into a bright new future, motivated and full of energy. Read More
  • Twin Flame Relationships

    Twin Flame relationships are not easy to navigate by any manner or means, and supporting you through the many ups and downs of a twin flame paring is a specialized job. Read More
  • Sex

    Sex Coaching is like any other form of coaching: it involves talking, actions, tasks and homework, and cutting down through belief systems to improve your sexual intimacy experience. Read More
  • All Sessions
    & Services

    All of our coaching, energy healing and intuitive reading services are available in person in Johannesburg, or by distance healing for remote work and Skype for coaching. Read More
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FP Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group

Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group

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  • Mr Right vs Mr Right Now

    We’ve all been through that dating experience… you meet the guy, everything is going perfectly and then bam! All of sudden you or he is not interested any more… and Read More
  • Understanding the Lightworker Mission & Roles

    What does it mean to be a lightworker, what is the lightworker mission and what are you expected to do in your role as a lightworker? ESTIMATED READING TIME: APPROX. Read More
  • The Creation & Unification Story for Lightworkers

    The Creation, Separation & Unification Story for Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, Twin Flames, Star Seeds & other Light Beings. Read More
  • Dirty Talk: all you need for great sex

    If you know how to do it right, and you get a little practice, then dirty talk is truly the only toy you’ll ever need for great sex. Read More
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Coaching Praise for Chemory