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Healing Services
Healing, coaching, psychic and intuitive services to help you improve every area of your life.

  • Distance Healing

    Use shamanic-style distance healing services to improve your life, remove entities and for a spiritual tune up. Read More
  • Psychic Readings

    A 10-question psychic or intuitive reading, facilitated by email, to answer all your pressing questions about your life. Read More
  • Coaching Sessions

    Coaching, mentoring, guidance, counseling and advice for twin flames, lightworkers and those on spiritual journeys. Read More
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Paid Life Coaching Tools & Resources
A range of completely unique, custom-built digital life coaching tools and resources to help you tackle a number of key areas in your life.

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Life Coaching Videos

A range of spiritual, life coaching and sex coaching videos and video series from our Paid Courses and Video Downloads Store.

Our videos are available to view free, in online courses, to purchase once-off, as well as in collections and on DVD.

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From our blog
  • Creation or Evolution? The Spiritual Answer & How it All Works +

    A different take on the creation or evolution debate, unpacking how both can fit in according to spiritual principles. The creation vs. evolution debate has been going forever - and with Read More
  • The Most Important Steps to Enlightenment & Ascension - The Cliff Notes +

    So this is the bit you really want from me… the cliff notes edition on how to attain enlightenment and ascension yourself. Here's the caveat… This will NOT be easy. Read More
  • Suicide & Depression: Podcast Interview SAfm with Rowena Baird and Chemory Gunko +

    Suicide & Depression: Podcast Interview SAfm with Rowena Baird and Chemory Gunko Click here to download the podcast (10 MB) Click here to listen online Click here to learn more Read More
  • So we’ve created a world of consumers… now what? +

    The relentless marketing and advertising drives of the last century have landed us in the midst of a world of consumers driven by instant gratification – and to be fair, advertising Read More
  • Why are spiritual people often depressed and suicidal? The link between your spiritual journey and mental illness +

    In this article we unpack the reasons behind why souls on a spiritual journey often have to face the dragon of depression and suicide. If you’ve moved in spiritual circles Read More
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